Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

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Описание: Few people are really good at that. Sometimes I think the house exists, and sometimes I don’t. They’re causing you to turn out products that are adequate but not great. As an adult, he drove his silver Mercedes at the speed of thought and parked it straddling spaces reserved for disabled drivers: the normal rules were for ordinary mortals. А вот подробности развития фирмы Apple меня интересовали гораздо меньше. А ведь Стив Джобс уже подумывал о революции в сфере образования, жаль, что ушел. “That allows him to focus on a few things and say no to many things. Это о нем можно сказать как с положительной, так и отрицательной точки зрения. Y aunque algunos los vean como a locos, nosotros vemos su genio. Very simple, and we’re really shooting for Museum of Modern Art quality. The young Jobs abhorred deodorants and seldom showered, confident that his vegan or fruitarian diet laundered him from within. A new era is beginning, just like the digital one was when I was his age. A thicker book but definitely worth the read!. ”“The people who invented the twenty-first century were pot-smoking, sandal-wearing hippies from the West Coast like Steve, because they saw differently,” he said. The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do.

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