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Сколько будет 2 - 2?
Описание: Author: P. Cast and Kristin Cast (2014, Paperback) Year: 2014. I suppose that my main gripe with this novel is that it just doesn’t further the HoN series in any meaningful way. Zoey’s left wondering if she can trust the person she thought would always have her back. Whatever. I thought it was quite clear for the first four books, that he dumpedAnyhoooo…Erik might be one less ingredient in the Zoey sandwich, but that didn’t fix the irritating over-abundant “love-interest” issue. Zoey and Stevie Rae are both separately (and very secretly) experiencing strange feelings for some very evil beings. This page was last updated:  Oct-22 03:45. He was sooooo annoying. It had been a terrible, horrible beginning. He acted like Mr. I really can’t recommend Tempted but if as a reader you enjoyed the previous book in this series (Hunted) you probably won’t find anything too objectionable about this latest instalment. Revenge- Season Two The number one show of 2012 is back with the compelling second season […]. It’s taken a while getting there, I ignored the multiple referrals to “raging case of diarrhoea” throughout previous books because this seems to be a common teenage fear but I think the unrealistic use of the word “poopie” finally drove me over the edge.

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